We have decided to take a different approach for the Jaltest technical training this year. Our years of experience show that not everyone can follow the training due to the geographical distance. Furthermore, we strive to make our training more practical with concrete examples, which is not always possible at our own location.

To meet these challenges, we now offer our customers the opportunity to register as a training location. Your own staff can participate in the training for free, and we also want to open this opportunity to other customers from the area, who can follow the training for a fee (50). In this way we hope to be able to offer different locations to all our customers and increase our reach.

Together we build a community in which knowledge is shared, practice is central and learning is enriched.

Possible data:
September: 10/09/2024 - 18/09/2024

Register here if you would like to organize a Jaltest training. Once you have done this, we will contact you.


Be open to other customers entering your premises to participate in the training.

Have a truck-trailer or machine on which the practice can be carried out.

Have a space available where theory can be given, provided with the necessary materials.

Taking responsibility for ensuring that a planned course continues as third parties are invited.


Engine management

Adblue and regeneration

Can bus and sensors

Braking trucks and trailers

We look forward to working together to make our training more accessible to everyone.

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